In these times I am moved to like Hillary, part B

The other night Hillary mentioned, for the first time I think I ever noticed, that her dad had been in the drapery business. I got a thing that is both “Studs Terkel / Working” and “Mike Rowe / Dirty Jobs” right, where I admire people who ply weird trades to put food on their family and prosper…

Having looked up Hugh Rodham

It’s not as if I mistook the Rodham’s for the F’ing Bushes of Greenwich and Kennebunkport, but I was under a misimpression that the Rodham’s had been anchored a bit more in WASPy prosperity than what is revealed to me now with some reading. Actually, it seems Hugh Rodham had his vaguely Joad-ian experience in a way that I perceive as analogous / anecdotal to a lot of peoples’ families in the 30’s. They were dislocated, and then they worked at some seemingly uninspiring, unimaginative things and really made the best of it.

Hugh did go to college, so… kinda rare in the 30s…. but he graduated and went to work in the assuredly unglamorous shoe lace industry. Then at some point he got a foothold in the drapery business, and…. This is kind of a 30’s thing I think, and if not related to the economic disruptions of the times, is tied chronologically to a certain idea 2nd generation Americans had that if the family found themselves with a food stand or a mechanical shop or any kind of oddball but consistent jobber business…. they should really put there all into that, because that was kinda the big prize of having moved your family to America…

So Hugh Rodham put his all into a drapery business, office drapes. He prospered, they strived / strove. Hillary goes to Yale.

In fairness to Fred Trump, he worked for a living in a real way for a long time obviously. But they did real estate. One might see where that would metastasize a families worldview…


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