An unequal distribution of guns in this country

I’ve been seeing this article and maybe one extremely similar in a couple places the last couple days

The superowner 3 percent has got quite a bit of America’s guns. Average superowner has 17.

I have more than 17…. .22s… and a few other things. I like .22s though. I still don’t have an AR.

Article treats its interviewees pretty fairly but there is a subtext implication from the liberal reporter ya figure…. that this is weird, that these people are weird, that these collectors and their collections are a malevolent thing contributing to whatever the gun problem is in this country.

This is to get it ass backwards, these people and their collections are not malevolent, they are not the problem (crooks getting a straw buyer to buy one at Gander Mountain etc are the problem…). Actually, assume reasonably that the sensible center left public policy desire is for a public that’s not overtly / thoroughly weaponized, with this public policy desire also understanding there is not any great movement to be had in the direction of prohibition / confiscation. Well then, that end is well served by as many of the guns as possible being in tidy little caches with stewards who are passionate about them. The collectors provide this function.

FYI It is pretty easy to end up with a few dozen guns without having been on a nutty buying spree. If you hunt, you need shotguns for birds… different kinds of shotguns even. Same, different kinds of rifles for critters, depending on size and shooting distance. Then you need some for your kids. Then yeah, if you are the gun guy in the family, you inherit a bunch. Looking at my list, there’s more than 10 I was given.

Other thing is, with most of the accumulators / collectors, it’s rare they sell anything. They’d rather have a redundant / superfluous gun than see the cash value of gun get directed into household budget say. And selling guns is kind of laborious and furtive in this age if you don’t do it often enough to get it done efficiently. So these caches never get any smaller, you never get down to one closet of guns… Which is to say, within this astronomical number of guns in this country, there’s a substantial amount of them that are not liquid in any practical way. Not a bad thing.


One thought on “An unequal distribution of guns in this country

  1. pm1956

    Look, I accept that there are collectors and enthusiasts who do not scare me. However, the survivalists and others (racists, white supremacists, folks who are trying to fight the gummint, Branch Davidians, …you get the picture) do scare me.

    I’d be interested in what percentage they are of the “super owners”.


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