Burn Baby Burn: Wells Fargo

I’ll tell ya here, I’m sometimes astonished this didn’t end up a Wells Fargo grudge blog. I hate that company, buncha thieves. But I have formidable self-control. I see I may have only mentioned them twice in the blog.

I approve of this:


Go get em, Elizabeth. I think the taking money from the till vs. taking ill-gotten stock gains is a fair point by Warren.

I was obliquely affected by the fake superfluous checking / savings account thing, not that I’m going to get any cash. Wells arrives at this point here because of a dishonest, multi-year effort by to generate fee income against the balances of account holders. It was thievery, fuck em.

Good friend of mine has done well as a sales manager for wells, he says Stumpf should resign.


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