Daily election outlook 9/19

Just some things that are probably true / not fanciful:

Trump is going to win Ohio it seems.

Trump is going to win Iowa it seems.

Trump is not going to get blown out nationally, generally. Its going to be kinda close.

Dems are not going to take the Senate.

I think Hillary probably squeaks by because of Democrat electoral college structural advantage.

To my eyes, its looks like the EC total she wins with, if she does, is short of 300.
Hillary is not very healthy.

I’m not voting for Trump. But if he wins, I think the danger to the Republic is overstated. People talk like he’s going to do this, he’s going to do that…. He can’t. We have courts and lawyers and the constitution. The Democrats are all going to be strict constructionists if trump wins, and the country will be fine.


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