Hypocrisy discerner: north suburbs GOP senate candidate

Dude is ostensibly a fiscal discipline Republican, but he’s got a back child support balance. MPR does the story that tries to imply hypocrisy:


Discerner: I don’t think that’s a very persuasive one. I’ve not been divorced, but with the guys who have, ain’t it like half who’s thing is contentious to the point it’s in family court all the time…. IE, divorce is not uncommon, disputes therein are not uncommon, thus not indicative of your underlying fiscal responsibility if you have back child support. Guy is pictured with his Range Rover though, and you can wonder if he’s really a credible fiscal discipline Republican at that point. Now, I’m going to have to start accepting that it’s normative out there for people who are merely middle class affluent to spend mid 5 figures on cars that are merely kinda nice but not luxury / exotic (…I’m not sure Rover’s are luxury or exotic). But I think a person spends better money on a Chevy Tahoe if he needs that size SUV, and a Chevy Tahoe isn’t even a very good automobile.


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