No, Hillary didn’t lie about her health

Ya know I have a functional fixation with Democrat lies right. It’s been my sense in the past Democrats give themselves carte blanche to lie in furtherance of the progressive project, and this is rationalized as ends justifying means because progressive project is good and Koch brothers bad…… So I want to spot the lie all the time right, this is an axe I grind.

I can’t get there to my grinding stone when Trump is on the other side. Cuz he’s a liar, an absurd liar. In contrast I start seeing Democrats as conventional folks engaging in normative behavior where I used to see lying.

With Hillary’s pneumonia, such that she had a startling and awkward public episode you got actually some of the lefty mainstream press corps having the vapors that she ‘lied’ for a bit while her illness was kinda ambiguous.

That’s not lying, K. Hillary is not obligated to put a bunch of bulk information out there on her health for the press / people to go through. She owns that info, not the people, she can distribute it and put a best face on it within some normative parameters we’ll say.

Which is a way of saying she’s allowed to be a little coy there. Personal health is something we are all a little discrete with. Personal health is normatively discrete, we don’t share everything with the world. Even as a POTUS candidate, I don’t think the correct premise is she has to give all that up in the name of ‘transparency’.

I do think she’s borderline frail in comparison to most of the 69 year olds I have occasion to observe, all of whom are retired… She’s probably quite well enough to be President, though she may not actually be well enough to campaign for it. She wins right? It doesn’t seem she’d be able to do this again at age 73.


One thought on “No, Hillary didn’t lie about her health

  1. pm1956

    I would love to see her get elected….if she does not run for a second term. I think that would be a great, principled stand for her to make, saying that 3 terms between Bill and hillary are enough.

    I do think that the ultimate disaster for the GOP would be for Trump to get elected. I think that would actually split the party irreparably.


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