Chomsky v Wolfe on linguistics

I was going to St Thomas in the early 00s for graduate software studies. I was taking speech recognition at one point, and in class some night we’re going through material that cites Chomsky.  I ask the professor, Chomsky the communist?  I hadn’t known he made his bones first as a linguist.

Smart man, obviously, but such that Chomsky’s political views were supposed to stand for some sort of intellectualism I always thought it was easily discredited with its advocacy of non-hierarchical anarcho-communism.  No such thing, you’re gonna have a police apparatus to put people in jail / camps when they try to start owning property and means of production.  At that point there isn’t anything ‘anarcho’ about it, and it does in fact have hierarchy.


3 thoughts on “Chomsky v Wolfe on linguistics

  1. pm1956

    Yeah, but…all that govdernment and police and jails stuff was supposed to be only a temporary detail, and disappear ultimately, once everyone got used to the benefits of the new order, and finally abandoned the false seductions of the old order (capitalism).

      1. pm1956

        sort of. They really did think that way. I think they were/are naive.
        Certainly the history of Russia, and the purges of Stalin showed that there was a divergence between practice and theory. People like Milovan Djilas and Solzhenitsyn wrote about the fact that the USSR simply was rewarding a different class, as opposed to creating a classless society.

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