Tebow, playing a real game…

How will Tebow do as an elite athlete but baseball civilian…


He’s going to instructional league first, which means he’s not ‘competing’ there with other minor leaguers for a job.  They are just going to first see how he looks in a normative pro baseball environment.

He’s a hitter, an outfielder / 1B type.  The normative pro-hitting challenge is making consistent base hit contact with say 88 mph fastballs. That’s the low bar.  The speed is the hitting challenge, and 88 is fast.  As a practical matter you are not seeing much of the ball.

I don’t think it’s going to go well for him, and if it doesn’t, I don’t think he actually gets assigned to a farm team in the spring.  Pro baseball demands a normative competence. He’s not going to be in a lineup every day for a season if they discern beforehand that he really isn’t capable of what he needs to be.

Boy I love saying this… When I was 24-34 I hit some hard balls off guys who threw 88.  In a hundred at bats vs pitchers with that speed though, I’d probably have batted .075. Its difficult.


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