The blogger did that

I watched Patty Wetterling in the news conference yesterday and had some regret.  She was the Democrat candidate in our congressional district a few years ago (since redrawn).  It’s obvious now, voting for her would have been to vote for superior wisdom and grace, and I did not do that… voted for Bachmann as an ideologue at the time.  Bachmann is an ideologue and I voted for her as one myself.

This was about right, in terms of the weekend breaking news phenomena…

I’m not on the computer on Saturday or Sunday hitting refresh every five minutes for a new detail, but such that you read a story Saturday and then go back to it Sunday to keep up and all the story has is two new sentences … I figured reporter staffs just weren’t very deep these days what with the decimation of newspapers.  It was frustrating, though with everything that came out eventually, it was all intuitive in detail anyway.  No surprises from what you’d expect to know.

I’m of a mind to found a Minnesota Formidable / Graceful Broads Hall of Fame, because you can note some remarkable women last couple years who have triumphed around here right.  It’s typically over grief, that’s a common theme.  Patty Wetterling would be there, but also local Laura Sobiech, who lost son Zach to cancer, and this Nora Pumort, who lost her husband and spun some wisdom from that.  Thinking Alysha Perkins too, relief pitcher Glen’s wife, who seems to have embarked in a serious writing career.

This Joy Baker will no doubt be protaganized in a cinema treatment of the Jacob story, and it’s not like she doesn’t deserve it.  This is an incredible thing.  My sense is a Reese Witherspoon production eh.

Cops are getting a lot of credit this last couple days after solving the case … 27 years later.  They may not have dropped the ball, alright.  They do what they can do, and we’d be proper to understand how much law enforcement relies on confessions to the exclusion of much else.  Heinrich wouldn’t confess in 1990 when he was interviewed.  So the cops moved on and entertained other theories such that they were going to continue to ‘work the case indefatigably’, which they were no doubt going to do.  In examining those theories over the years they basically harassed some innocent, tertiary players to see if they would confess.

That’s substantially how the police do their job whether they have good material evidence or not, they interview and get people to admit to things.  Prosecutors then charge based on the admissions.  Its seldom I bet, probably as a function of time, that LE ‘researches’ anything to do like / like,  known / unknown, unknown / unknown analysis in contemplation of their casework.  Getting Rumsfeld-ian there, but that Rumsfled-ian thing seems apt as thought process or lack thereof.  Coppers obviously had an inkling Heinrich was the Paynesville stranger molester.  Might seem odd that they drop perverted goofball Heinrich as a compelling suspect, but without a confession or other good evidence they’ve got nothing to follow as a matter of their own process.

Then time passes and things go out of mind and are forgotten.  I’d like to have hung a clever transition sentence on micro fiche right now, because Joy Baker starts the butterfly effect that breaks the case by rediscovering the Paynseville stranger molestations on archived newspaper micro fiche.  She writes about that on her blog, and collates things, collates a wiki basically.  People with details to add to this story find her on the google.

Personally, I can attest to the potency of an esoteric blog page for getting people with arcane, esoteric knowledge to write to you and tell you more.  Even if it takes years.  This methodology is an incredible boon for instance to people who use it to collect things.

Anyway, Baker and her blog refocused contemplation around the Paynesville stranger molestations.  Police had a credible name in an old file, Heinrich, though they didn’t get a confession or DNA match at the time.  They retest some evidence with 2013 DNA technology, they get match.  Two years later, here we are.

All very amazing no doubt…  Additionally I feel there’s something about this blogger / collator thing to be asserted and systemized / maximized the way Zuckerberg did for ‘friend’ linkages.  And that in addition to being to the benefit of knowledge, someone can make like $50 billion on it.  Whatever it is as a thing, it’s that potent.


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