Heinrich maneuver

Good grief man.  I don’t talk shit… say overstate… a personal ability or will to wage violence.  I don’t have much of that as a function of what I am, a civilized person of advancing age living in civil society.  I tell ya though…  I think a lot of people, if they were the one picked to grind this man into dust and given the tools to do so… they’d have no problem eh, no real hesitation.

Anyway, that’s not the way it’s going to go.  He got 20 years of Fed time to come clean, and he’ll do it all.  There’s an immediate reaction from some like this wasn’t enough, like the Feds and Mn were too conceding here…. Meh.  It’s doubtful they gave up anything meaningful, doubtful they gave Heinrich a real potential for his freedom one day.  He’s 53, he’ll be 73 when his sentence expires.  Kinda doubt he lives that long, just as a matter of normal health, he kinda doesn’t look the type that gets much into his 60’s…

But, that’s not much of an assertion right, of course…. He could make 73, it ain’t that old.  But if he does, the world will deal with him then.


One thought on “Heinrich maneuver

  1. pm1956

    Yeah, and they can keep him in indefinitely as a sex offender. I have some problems with that idea (keeping people in jail indefinitely based on an undefineable definition of “sex offender” which seems so broad), but maybe it works in this instance.


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