I could buy one of my favorite, antique sixguns for the price of Epipens

I’m working up an Obamacare rant what with Aetna pulling out of the exchanges.  Ya know, it’s ‘working’.  But I’m confronted by this Epipen / allergies thing that is newsworthy last couple days.

People have allergies right, allergies are a thing.   Not uncommon.  But I didn’t have any, and there were none in my family as a kid, we didn’t have to manage that stuff.  I think my wife can say the same for the most part.

Well kid2004 had an allergic reaction a couple years ago at a restaurant where he broke out in hives and had the superficial appearance of going vaguely cardiac.  But he didn’t, right, it was mild as far as things go.  He had an ambulance ride and he pulled out of it at the ER.

He had the battery of allergy tests then and they were inconclusive.  Couldn’t figure out if it was say shellfish or peppers or peanut butter.  And it hasn’t happened since.  But the health guidance conventional wisdom is we’re to keep Epipens around.  And the cash price of these things is $500 for a two pack.


I saw that the other day and went…. No way, do I have a $1500 Epipen outlay on the agenda for September (need 3 two packs of em, so they say…)?  That would make daddy kind of pissed.

Well, you come to find that the way it works is you get a prescription, which the doc will write, and at that point it’s like everything else….  everything but the copay should be covered.  And then Mylan, maker of Epipens, has a coupon to pay for the out of pocket, and they distribute this coupon profligately just  so that everyone understands they are trying to screw the insurance company, not Joe and Jane Officeparkworker.


So, no biggie.  Fair to say if Mylan was trying to get $1500 a pop out of ‘people’, then ‘people’ would have lawmakers put a stop to it.  And at that point you’re not getting $1500 a pop for a sixpack of these things at all


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