Truth discerner: “The 2A people”

Truth discerner answers the relevant questions.

Is Trump referring to mobilizing at the ballot box or shooting judges / politicians:  he’s talking about the 2nd amendment solution, ie, shooting the politicians, which is a fanciful discussion in the relevant sub-culture.

Is Trump “joking”: hard to know.  No one should be properly convinced of Trump’s grasp for topical knowledge, normative behavior, and its potential intersection with ‘humor’.

Should this be disqualifying: Sure, and this ought to be what his removal is hung on, such that if he runs, he loses, and if someone else runs, maybe this someone else does not lose.  WTF is going on w/ Republicanism man, it’s a bunch of mass psychosis I swear.  I blame Hannity in a lot of respects, seriously.

As an aside, I like this analysis of said incident:


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