Melania and other eastern European models: doing a job Americans won’t do

Here’s a link, for some sake:

I kinda think all women are pretty, right….  There’s not any that are unappealing to me as a matter of taste or ethnocentrism.  I see the beauty in flax haired northern Europeans of my own ilk, but raven haired Mediterraneans also…. And also Japanese women, Chinese women, Hmong women, Indian women (dots not feathers).  AND…. I think Venus and Serena Williams are great looking and Michelle Obama too.

These looks are all pretty but all distinct right?

It escapes me what the ‘eastern European look’ is supposed to be such that they have their own piece of the industry.  They aren’t that exotic looking.  Must be that they look amorphously European and will work cheap here in the states since Eastern Europe has been depressed since forever.

Melania is OK ‘pretty’ or better, no doubt.  But she ain’t, I dunno, Christie Brinkley… if you get my drift.  This notion that Melania was a ‘super’ model is also one of those dubious things…


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