On Kaine

I am in some superficial approval of this man.


He strikes me as somehow Denis McDonough-ish in temperament, say if McDonough was a guy who ran for offices (I bet he will someday).  They are both high achieving Spanish speakers who did missions.  The big common thread…. a St. Paul kind of Irish Catholicism.  Kaine was born in St. Paul (not raised there).

Kaine was born at the old St. Joseph’s Hospital…  I see an origin story that is so, so distinctly mid-century St. Paul, German / Irish Catholic.  My families come from that.  This St. Paul G/I thing is not as well a known thing as Minnesota’s Swedish Lutheranism.  It’s perhaps not known at all really, not known to many.  But it is a thing, and…

I dunno, I just approve.  I don’t see a bad apple coming from the St. Paul G/I thing.


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