They want to believe

In the news you see a good pyramid swindle story every few months.  Not like it doesn’t happen in the professional investing world (Madoff), but thing is you see a lot of cases where the scammer is an obvious dilettante.  And you wonder, how could this guy really have come off as credible enough for people to give him tens of thousand dollar checks to cash?

Well, it’s got to be that a lot of people just rilly rilly want to believe.  Like the Republicans who made Trump their nominee.

Loveland over there at WWP has a column that is anxious to the potentiality of a Trump presidency.  He thinks it’s a Neimoller moment, and he’s not alone.  Over at the old SRC they are revived with motivation to write little anti-Trump ditties.

I don’t mock, I just reassure:

  1. He ain’t going to win
  2. If he does win, there will be a lot of prestige in advocating for the side of wisdom and against Trump. This on the Democrat and Republican side.  They’ll be able to lock enough levers to gum things up.
  3. To that point, if Trump does win, it will just be 4 gridlocked, wasted years. Worse than the Obama years, but nothing we can’t get through.

So I am not worried, except in acknowledging what I think is the disturbing thing…. that you got some tens of millions of people in this country whose instinct to believe overpowers their ability to discern the dilettante swindler.  I didn’t know there were that many of them.


3 thoughts on “They want to believe

  1. pm1956

    No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. H. L. Mencken

    Same thing with Brexit. people cut off their noses to spite their face. made them feel good, even though it hurts them.

    Play to their prejudices, tell them what they want to hear, and they will give you money as well as their votes. Seriously, this is what you see on the advertising on Fox News. Catheters, gold and silver, the end of the world, how to get a free scooter from the government, etc. And alll sorts of lawyers telling you haw tto get rich if you have mesothelioma, or a bladder mesh implant.

  2. Joe Loveland

    My biggest fear is that President Trump’s macho image needs would cause him to get us into deadly, destabilizing and bankrupting military quagmires. He will not be able to sit out fights after promising bluster. He doesn’t need Congress for that. Torture and war crimes (bombing terrorists families) too.

    And if a Trump electoral surge happens, the Senate might stay Republican. That would put the tax giveaway to the wealthy and deficit that accompanies it, massive deportations and full or partial wall boondoggle well within reach.

    He’s not going to get the Muslim ban (unenforceable) under any circumstances, but you can bet that he’ll use real and imagined administrative powers to empower as much racial and religious profiling as he can get away with and that, and accompanying rhetoric, will harm our ability to calm relations w/1.6 billion Muslims worldwide.

    Even if Congress is working it’s hardest to block him, he would severely destabilize the country and world.


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