My Terry Ryan Story

Terry Ryan got fired by the Twins after a very long run in their organization, and 18 years as General Manager.  In this departure, commentary towards him is pretty warm despite the Twins baseball failures of recent years.  They ‘all’ say he’s a hale fellow, well met.  That he’s very ethical and open.

I went to a Twins open tryout at the dome in say 1992 and tried out as a pitcher.  Ryan was farm director at the time, and operating the radar gun.

In my turn I was lighting up the gun at 68, 69 mph.  On today’s guns that would be, ya know, 75.  I also had new spikes.

Ryan said ‘you shouldn’t have bought new spikes kid’.

Get it.

But really, that’s pro analysis of dilettante’s ability, and it was honest.  No offense taken for him being crusty pro baseball guy to the amateur there.  He wasn’t a dick.

He was wrong though.  I wore those spikes 15 years, wore the spikes off them.  Probably played in more than 100 amateur games with those spikes.


One thought on “My Terry Ryan Story

  1. pm1956

    Everybody agrees that he is a nice guy. So that makes this a typical minnesota situation–we will settle for mediocrity if it comes from someone who is nice.

    Thing is, we can still have nice and also have pretty damn good. There are plenty of teams that manage to do that. Look at the Pirates, for a small market example–a much smaller market than the Twins! Kansas City! Cincinnati! St. Louis! Milwaukee! Seriously, there is no excuse for the Twins, except that the owners and some of the writers and many of the fans have been willing to accept a mediocre product.

    Getting rid of Ryan is a start. It will be interesting to find out just how serious Jim Pohlad really is about this.


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