Pre-judgement: cop kills a motorist in Falcon Heights

We can pre-judge: Big picture:

Bad cop shooting… as opposed to ‘good’.  Victim is a guy with an adult job and no criminal record.  Such that he had a gun (…which complicates matters a little…), he wasn’t going for his gun.  Ya know, that’s just a matter of universal wisdom.  Stopped 32 yr old motorist with adult 8-5 job, in his car during normal evening hours, with GF and 4 year old…he’s not going for a gun, no matter what is perceived as a furtive movement behind officer’s eyeballs.  And I doubt, as a matter of wisdom again, that the guy was really in any way furtive.  I’d say it was, cop had his gun in his hand and had a very low threshold for what was to make him start shooting…. This because of standards and practices training that tells these cops to shoot first and figure out the truth later, cuz cops have the protection of almost never being punished for their mistakes. They don’t go to trial or jail for making a ‘mistake’…..

Well this time there’s not much avenue for local prosecutors to decline to charge this one because it’s a ‘mistake’.  That’s because say BLM has made the country ‘have a conversation’ not just about race, but about policing and prosecution.  I don’t think there’s public acceptance left for a cop to not be charged for mistakenly killing a good citizen over a perceived furtive movement.  It will be charged, not that I expect this guy to get a life term, or even perhaps get convicted.

St. Anthony and Falcon Heights are going to pay enormously…. The SC / Chicago / NY / Cleveland settlements have established say a PD wrongful death ‘quick claim’ amount of about $6M to not start litigation (golly they should go for more here… tell SA and FH its going to take $15M to not go to trial and lose there).  In light of this, I was curious what Falcon Height’s annual budget is.  Number I see out there is about $2M.  They are going to have to borrow $10 million or more to disposition this shooting case.  That’s an extinction level event, and such that cities and police departments don’t actually disappear…. their existing personnel will, and thus there will be some ‘progress’ that gets meted out.  We’ll get more municipal oversight into their police departments, body cams, figure maybe we’ll see a trend where municipalities assertively seek to hire professional LEO leadership that trains away from some of this….‘stuff’.

Little picture ‘stuff’:

It was a straight up driving while black stop.  Cop stopped him apparently for an inoperative taillight.  I think there’s a good half chance that might not actually be true.  Just don’t want to let that slide.

Ya know, I listen to KTLK.  I like Jack and Andrew, seem like good dudes who are far from ‘FOX news-ish’.  But you get yer unthinking jingoistic threads on KTLK too.  Which is to say, they feel compelled at this time to bring up their critique of BLM, which is significantly focused on this supposed irony that BLM cares only about police violence (ie, white on black violence) and cares not about black on black violence in urban neighborhoods.  Uh, I don’t think there has to be linkage there.  I reject that premise.

Vox had a story yesterday about the ‘intersection’ of police shootings of black CCW permittees.  Glancing at it then, I flippantly assumed this think-piece probably lacked for meaningfully significant data.  Wrong-o, I guess.  Someone had enough data for proper insight. I am an advanced gun guy (with niche expertise), but not a CCW permittee.  Such that I am privy to the conversations of CCW guys, they say this is what you do when you’re stopped.  Tell the cop you’re a permit holder and tell him you have a gun.  Now, this interaction goes right ‘most’ of the time amirite, has to as a matter of statistics.  To the extent it doesn’t, you got some anecdotes highly suggestive then its b/c the permittee is black.  It’s just so something something that a black permit holder can’t defuse that cop tension for encounter with armed motorist by way of highly disciplined and formal response like a white guy can.

Uh, Tony Cornish comes off bad here….

Unrepudiated detail revealed this morning:  traffic stop, and the motorists are told right off to put their hands in the air….  $15M I say.

On the Twitter seeing a lot of lefty quotes that go blah blah blah NRA.  Ya know, trying to point out some irony between CCW, NRA, and racisim.  Folks, there’s no connection…stay on topic please.

Not like the civil case needs undergirding, but…  As I said, a municipal extinction event.


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