This talk of Brexit is making me get my English on

I’m vaguely English.  My Great Grandfather was born in 1900 or so, he was from Bournemouth.  His family ran a brickyard, so it was not an abject Dickensian life with them working their own concern.  But he did not get along with his father, so he swapped for a kid’s papers to America, this other kid going because he was an orphan or disadvantaged or something.  So my g-grandfather left on this White Star lines ticket… no older than 13… that was kind of Dickensian.  Came to St. Paul, worked on I think the NP, or one of the Hill railroads anyway, which is the explanation for so many of my forebears being in these parts. Married into the German-Irish in St. Paul as a young man.  Died in 1989, well into my life.  Kind of a tuffy fella I’m to understand, but he was sweet to the grandkids and great-grandkids.  His working class English accent was so thick as to be nearly incomprehensible, might as well have been Chinese.

Anyway, everyone chooses an English soccer team to be a fan of right.  I’ll take AFC Bournemouth.  The hard part will I think be finding a stream cast to watch them play on.


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