If something can’t go on, it won’t

My comment some weeks ago was, I can’t imagine the usual corporate donors making usual type $ pledges to Trump this cycle…..

Trump has no money:


And thus, no campaign:


Jamelle Bouie at Slate:

What happens when one side has a campaign and the other doesn’t? When one side is mobilizing voters, contacting supporters, and persuading independents, and the other is sitting on its hands? Cable news has done a lot for Donald Trump, but it can’t raise money or organize volunteers. What happens when it’s September and Trump lacks the personnel or the cash to mount a credible fight against the Democratic Party? I don’t know. No one knows, because it’s never happened before. But if the polls are any indication, what happens is something like a catastrophic defeat for Trump and the rest of the Republican Party.

I agree, this is what happens… catastrophic GOP defeat.  Thus I’d like to say, sensibility and self-preservation dictate that Trump be replaced so someone can run a real campaign, this wisdom being so obvious that it has to become the most likely outcome actually…

But ya know, it isn’t obvious it’s going to happen… seems some great chance Trump stays and loses, taking the party with him

Now, somewhere along the line I quit worrying about the country going to hell as the Democrat’s move us to dystopian egalitarianism.  I wouldn’t be able to control it and am not going to spend the next 40 years bitching about it… have other stuff to do.  But this is where we go when the Democrats conquer right, a faster move to social democracy with no meaningful Republican caucus to oppose…

Perhaps not.  I have some intuition that Trump induced one party governance in Washington over 2017 – 2019 is going to be as politically destabilizing to the Democrats as him having wiped out Republican’s the year before.

The left is going to want to be paid, going to think it’s time for, ya know, everything….and there’s going great reluctance among the ‘Democrats’ in the Democrat party to do a lot of upending…  Hillary is going to be in charge, she ain’t going to want to be bossed around by the left.

Just to say, Democrat victory this fall is going to irritate some of their internal contradictions… some status quos there will not be able to then go on.


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