Hillary throws the ‘name the evil’ people a pander, and yet Pulse wasn’t a ‘radical Islam’ thing

No, not so much. “Cause” #1 is that Mateen was a self-loather of his own gayness.  Obvious.


Over at WWP there’s a column singling out Mateen’s toxic family.  True.  That column conflates this virulent patriarchy with ‘conservatism’, either social or political.  That’s kinda obtuse.

Anyway, it’s the self-loathing, the toxic family life, and some repressive Islam you had going.  IS may claim Pulse, but it ain’t really IS inspired.

Hillary was prompted by all to state she has no problem with the term ‘radical Islam’.  Curious to me she has to adjust, I think she has a lot of cushion to lose before she’d have to pander right.

Critique Trump’s response?  Whatever.  Not a serious mind there, as on so many things.


2 thoughts on “Hillary throws the ‘name the evil’ people a pander, and yet Pulse wasn’t a ‘radical Islam’ thing

  1. pm1956

    the “toxic family” and “self loather of own gayness” and “virulent patriarchy” and “repressive Islam” memes all intersect with Omar Mateen. I agree that Islamic State was probably just a flag of convenience for him. FBI didn’t go after him because he was apparently confused about differences between Hizbollah and ISIS (Shiite and Sunni) and so assumed (probably correctly) that he was just a wanna be. I do not think that they have the authority to lock up kinda crazy wanna be’s.

    Trump was largely incoherent.

    I don’t think Hillary was pandering–I just think she had had enough of this stupid argument that if you name it radical islam you will defeat it. Hopefully she has now shut them up (Cruz, Trump and all the rest of the simpletons). But probably not.

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      Dude was effectively on the terror watchlist, and he told the FBI…. I’m just being provocative with my co-workers, because they are racists. So the FBI…. takes his word for it.

      WTF man, did we replace all our Eliot Ness’s with diversity mediators?

      Is the enforce the law / govt incompetency crowd really to be so easily dismissed here?


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