Today’s noteworthy shooting: Orlando

That’s the new tag, “today’s noteworthy shooting”.  I am not motivated to belabor points here that are belabored elsewhere, ie, I don’t feel I have to do the mental exercise of rebutting whatever gun control point is seemingly urgent.

One thing brought to mind with Orlando / Pulse…ya know the lefty chestnut that some / all of these mass shootings metastasize from the sexual psychosis of the shooter…  Mateen there had loads of crippling sexual psychosis.  There’s your causality for this instance, like 99% of it.  Odd then that the man wasn’t a white cracker of course.  Weird.

On gun control…  I’m resigned that the world may change, and there will be less 2A freedom in the future.  I don’t know how fast this comes, it’s not obvious what increments are gained soon for the gun controllers.

If Hillary wins and has a D Senate, a universal background check bill may get passed.  I doubt the House goes D.  R’s will have the numbers to block.

Assault weapons ban….I just don’t see it, I just don’t see it passing the Senate, this being somewhat a function of the 1994 – 2004 AWB having been so hokey.  It’s like, we gonna do that again…

Lawful Commerce in Firearms or whatever it was…. I don’t see it being deauthorized, ibid GOP house.

You get a D SCOTUS nominee confirmed, yes they will uphold something like an ‘assault weapons ban’ but we’d still be about a very long ways away from  going UK or Australia on guns in this country.


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