Things I wanted to get to this week…

Gov. Dayton vetoing the tax bill because of an ambiguous ‘and / or’ textual construction in one spot that could have been resolved with a letter of explanation … that bill was agreed to with about as much harmony as one could expect.  Sign it and move on.  When you don’t, when you make it part of a broader brinkmanship / gridlock gambit, you’re the one being obstructive.

Bill Clinton and Walden University.  He got $16M over several years from this shitty for profit online U for a no work job.  In a transaction like that, they are buying his prestige to burnish theirs.  Whorishly corrupt thing, qualitatively the same as Trump’s things, might have made Clinton more money than Trump thing did him…. guy like me is not being given a reason to not vote for Trump here.

Hillary’s $12k frock….  There’s a Mills / utilitarian observation here that one can argue where you can’t be worried about income equality and also buy $12k coats. You can’t be Hillary and spend $ that way when there are people in need, etc, when that money would be better used on them or taxes.

Viral video of local kid who hit himself in the nuts with his own foul ball…. Freakishly hard deflection angle to create.  In ‘Lake Wobegon Days’ I think Keillor described a townball player who fouled a pitch into his own head and died.


One thought on “Things I wanted to get to this week…

  1. pm1956

    I would disagree with you on the tax bill. I think that this was mainly a House GOP accomplishment, that Dayton and the DFL didn’t think was necessary, but that they were willing to do to get a deal. The deal did not get done. The mistake is real, but still a justification for the veto. Vetoing the tax bill increases the pressure on Daudt and the House GOP to agree to Dayton’s conditions for a special session. Yes, it is political, and yes, Dayton is playing hardball. Daudt is going to cave because he is worried about losing his majority in this coming election–if he plays hardball, the DFL will try to tar him as a Trumpian. Well, they will do that anyway, but if he cooperates with Dayton and the DFL on a Tax Bill/Bonding Bill special session, it will be a lot harder. But Daudt isn’t sure he can bring along his hardliners, who appear to think that they can win a “last stand”.

    Bill and hillary are kinda sleazy. The Walden U thing (and all for profit universities, including Trump U) are kinds sleazy. I think that Bill is kind of like a chipmunk stuffing his cheeks full of $$ before the winter (Hillary’s Presidential term) when he will have to live off of his accumulated fat.

    but Hillary is also competent. I think that she will be a good president. I think she will probably be a one term president, however.


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