Science on conservative authoritarianism is apparently unsetteled

After having been settled prior premature of say ‘effortful’ peer reviews.

It’s good that climate change study isn’t susceptible to this kind of confirmation bias, what with it being more sciency.


One thought on “Science on conservative authoritarianism is apparently unsetteled

  1. pm1956

    OK, you do understand that your analogy really does not hold. This was one study that has been corrected.That is the way that science is supposed to work.

    Climate change is based on lots and lots of studies, including ones that have been replicated. There have been mistakes found in some of those studies, and they have been corrected, but, unlike the example, the corrected mistakes do not reverse any of the studies conclusions. Climate change is actually pretty robust as a theory, and getting more so.

    That said, it is not conclusive. No science ever is. We can always find out something new, some new explanation that reverses all that we thought we know. There was just a recent discovery on Alzheimers that appears to be doing just that–that Alzheimers might well be just a side effect of the brain defense against infectious agents that cross the blood /brain barrier. This sort of potential paradigm shifting thought experiment happens in science–Copernicus, for example. Certainly such a thing could happen in climate science, changing everything that we think we know for certain.


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