Word police: thug

We’re apparently to have a bigotry brouhaha over an editorial piece Rep.  Tony Cornish wrote for the Strib:



Fair to say it hinges on whether ‘thug’ is a racially charged term.  The BLMers would assert it is, and that anyone who utters it must then be a racist.

I don’t that’s think correct, I think it’s a contrivance.  Big thing is, we didn’t (I assert, sayeth the dilettante linguistics guy) just start using ‘thug’ contemporaneous with the era of black street gangs.  We used it before, on white street gangs, on the Irish and Italians, going back a hundred years by now.

Should be a colorblind word, but what may have happened is this word was appropriated for black culture by the rap.  Now the SJWs say white people can’t use it in a colorblind way lest someone cry racist.

Anyway…. What’s objectionable about Cornish’s piece is a certain presumption in favor of the police, but ya know… that’s life.  His points are perfectly good practical guidance to minimize the chances they beat yer ass, right or wrong.


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