Some riffing on: Trump U and the Mexican judge

I don’t like how the conventional wisdom shorthand observation has become merely that Trump thinks say a “Mexican judge isn’t qualified.”  Cuz I’m pedantic.  Trump is actually saying the judge will be immovably biased against Trump as defendant because judge is Latino and Trump is known for wanting to build a wall… Which is actually something that approximates a respectable legal argument, analogous to some broader trends going on with jury selection and venue change requests…  Doesn’t fly, but like I say, approximates a real legal argument. Trump says “conflict of interest”.  That’s not right, wrong wording, the judges ‘interest’ can not be identified, because he doesn’t have one that’s tangible.  It’s just a bias challenge of some type.  You’d like to say, well alrighty then, we’ll give you a WASP judge and you can lose your case in front of him…. But its bad precedent.

When was Trump U operating? Say 2006 – 2011?  What kind of revenues might it have generated, low tens of millions? That’s got to be a generous guess, it doesn’t strike one as having the enterprise footprint quite as big as a shitty for-profit business college.  So what profit might it have furnished to Trumps personal income in that time?  Low millions, if even?  No, Trump is not a ‘billionaire’ such that he’s been pursuing this stuff.

Ya figure, a way to make it go away would have been to settle, but… he’s comfortable with what he did there, he’s shady and he ain’t got the money to settle really.

The Trump U business model: IE, sales is an honest living, and it’s hard, so let’s not do that….  Trump U made its best money off people who would buy the platinum level personal seminars for like $35K right….  They would spot these big marks in their entry level hotel conference room class, which seated a buncha little marks for $2k a chair right… I’m kinda astonished there is a surplus of professional sales dudes in the market that would avail themselves to this, IE, spotting marks for Trump U… We gotta be talking wash-outs from other fields though eh, real Glengary Glen Ross types guys who couldn’t build a book of business in securities or insurance…. The marks are accurately what we’ll call “pathetic” right, and I’m not using ‘pathetic’ pejoratively, just kinda literally.  Society’s pathetic are vulnerable to this.  I’m kinda astonished there were this many pathetic to milk for tens of thousands of dollars, usually on credit cards.  I got an income, and no one would give me a $40k credit card line…. Lotta viatical settlement money there ya figure.


There’s a line of conservative thought that says hey, abolish the IRS… And this is regarded as extreme, its dismissed as cuckoo along with every other conservative critique about the IRS.

I would submit, an IRS that allows Donald Trump to report an income of less than $500k year after year while he maintains several multi-million dollar residences and a private jet… that’s an agency that may as well not exist, there’s not an efficacy we’d miss if it were gone.

He’s living a $50M per annum lifestyle amirite.  What’s the deal, why don’t they make him take it off corporate expenses and put it on his 1040.. They have the power to do that.


One thought on “Some riffing on: Trump U and the Mexican judge

  1. pm1956

    What I love is how this contradicts himself, when he says that the hispanics love him ( ). So Hispanics love him, but this judge is necessarily biased against Donald because of the Wall? It is all of these obvious internal contradictions about Trump that amaze me. Overall, he is simply incoherent. Clearly, his supporters are reading into Donald what they want to hear–as opposed to what he is saying (which is all over the map).

    I do wonder if Donald really is a billionaire. I’ve seen studies that suggest he inherited about $200 million from his father in the late 70’s, early 80’s, and if he had invested in market index funds he’d be worth far more than the 10 billion he claims. Yet, there is all sorts of indications that he isn’t nearly as rich as he claims to be.

    I just have to say, I don’t think this running for President thing is going to end up helping his bottom line.


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