New tag announcement:  Things I didn’t get to this week

That I wanted to write about, but I was too busy or the words wouldn’t come out right from my fingertips

Entitlement reform is kinda dead, deficit hawkery is kinda dead….  and I can’t say I disagree.  SS is important, I think.  I’m not convinced redistributive tax cuts are actually necessary to keep it ‘solvent’ though.  Just put it on the deficit charge card.

Barry Bonds:  I like him, always have.  Ted Williams quality intellect on hitting.  Counterintuitive:  I don’t think he was that bad a dude and I don’t think steroids are inherently a crime / unfair.

Let’s not pretend Donald Trump is going to win this thing.  Such that there is a lot of conservative hope and faith that relies on some contrarian political instincts…. Ya know, there’s a reason contrarianism is a bastard step-child of proper insight.  His campaign is too much of a fuckery for him to win.  Just don’t think he will, I think that’s the reasoned guess.


One thought on “New tag announcement:  Things I didn’t get to this week

  1. pm1956

    Yeah, i am a bit ambivalent about the steriod crimes in baseball. I am a Mark McGuire fan, so let me get that right out there, in front. I am not certain who was NOT using steroids, or how we would know.

    Deficit hawkery and entitlement reforms. Look, there are people who need to be supported, who are simply not capable of doing it for themselves. We need to have a real safety net. That safety net needs to be sufficiently strong and supportive so that children who reside in it have an opportunity to escape it–even if their parents are not likely to ever escape it. That means good health care, good food, safe housing options and very good schools. Maybe we need to tie more of those things (housing, medical care, nutrition, etc.) to the schools, or to deliver them thru the schools. And, more than anything, we need to get over the idea of a punitive social safety net. We focus on the poor, and try not to distinguish between those who deserve support and those who do not. Who cares about welfare queens? Seriously, the very idea is kind of silly.

    As for entitlements, both Social Security and Medicare work pretty well. Neither are without fraud (no program, public or private, is), but generally just giving people $$ is more efficient than convoluted programs to provide services.

    I am not ready to abandon all deficit hawkery, but the idea now, under our current economic conditions (and for the last 7 or 8 years since the recession) is simply stupid. Clinton had the right idea–generate surpluses when times are good to pay down the deficits–and then W busted it all wide open again.

    Donald Trump isn’t going to win. But there are a lot of people who have a vested interest in pretending that he has a chance. Horse race journalism, for example. All of the GOP has to pretend, at least for a while, that he has a chance. So does Hillary–so that she can raise $$. Everyone who makes $$ off of the election needs to pretend that this is a real thing, until it is over, otherwise they won’t be able to get people to make contributions and pay for polls and ads, etc.

    But as soon as Donald loses, watch just how fast people like Ryan a nd McConnell will turn on him. I think that he is a fool for trying to do this. I think that he is not only going to go down in flames, but I think that he might seriouosly harm his brand…and it looks like pretty much all he has is a brand.


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