Another new tag announcement…

It’s a nod to a similar irony.  I’m calling it ‘I’m not seeing any conservatives in this mob of anti-science troglodytes”

We’ll apply it first to this notion in places that we might be living in a simulation

Musk is a pro-business liberal as far as I know, of the SV type.  Other guy who likes to publicly ponder this is public intellectual / scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who I am to understand is a pretty conventional liberal.

So liberals are the people of science amirite. Well how can I say this….

We’re not living in a simulation.  Everyone can just bank on the intuitiveness of that, we’re not.  The world is real, and science favors that understanding.

Now if you have a big astro-physics brain I sort of get the appeal of bandying it about among the possibilities, …. But thing is if it’s a simulation, then there are superior beings running it amirite?  Which means we properly have theism.  But people with big astro-physics brains seem to be generally kind of hostile to that idea, cuz science.  It’s OK though if you don’t call it God maybe?

Bonus item:  Megan McArdle on say the temperamental / analytical superiority of ‘luke warmism’, consensus be damned.

Update, I said that!: word I was mulling this morning was exactly ‘theist’



One thought on “Another new tag announcement…

  1. pm1956

    OK, this is actually a pretty standard philosophical argument, and is generally considered to be anti-theistic. Basically, it is the argument from The Matrix movies. Goes back to the old “brains in vats” arguments, sci fi has been playing with this one for years. And, basically, you don’t even need to posit an alien civilization–it could just be our future selves who have created a virtual reality world of the past. Maybe they are running military simulation games, asking counterfactual questions like: “would electing and idiot like Donald Trump who knows nothing about international affairs lead to a third world war?” For all we know, we could be some graduate students’s thesis project…..

    It is anti-theistic because you do not need an all powerful, all knowing and all good god to make it work. Adding such a being is completely unnecessary to the argument. Given Occam’s razor, there is no god. qed.

    Certainly this is possible, but unlikely. In any event, it makes no difference in our lives. If you knew this to be true, what would you do differerntly? Think about determinism. Pretty much everything we know about neuroscience and physics suggests strongly that we live in a deterministic universe. No such thing as free will. Free will appears to be an illusion created by our brains. We tend to justify the decisions already made by our bodies (lilterally, they can see the thought of the decision taking place to lift your arm in the brain several milliseconds AFTER the neurons fire to lift your arm. Scary). But we cannot change how we act or behave because of this. It is knowledge of ourselves that we are incapable of acting upon (probably because we are already determined?). So we continue to act and behave as if we have free will. We literally have no other option.


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