New tag announcement…

…that I’ll use when I start employing tags with some discipline and consistency.

Anyway, the new tag is “I’m not seeing any conservatives in this irrational outrage mob”.

Applicable today for stories on Harambe the Gorilla.


One thought on “New tag announcement…

  1. pm1956

    Again, I agree with you. The whole Harambe story is a tragedy, but the Zoo did what they had to do. No choice in the matter. Sure, maybe the mother could have done a better job, but, frankly, i don’t think that we know enough to make that judgement. Maybe the barriers could have been better, but I have been to that zoo several times, and to that exhibit, and I thought that the barriers seemed sufficient (and, yes, i do look for that sort of thing. habit.).

    Imagine that kid, as a college freshman, when his roommates find out that he was the kid who got the gorilla killed. Not exactly a badge of honor.

    I tend to find the animal rights people to be about the most tiresome group of self righteous pricks in the world. And, yes, I feel bad about the gorilla, but saving the life of a child is far more important. And Zoos are important educational institutions that serve a critical role in educating and informing people about the importance of animals and habitats and the environment. And they play an important role as a form of recreation, too.


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