Conservative outrage du jour: Katie Couric’s lying anti-gun documentary

Not just conservatives actually.  There are some good journalism types who call foul:

I’m sure Couric regards it as a noble lie eh.  I got a functional fixation with the noble lie right.  Be that as it may…. I think it’s legitimately observed as almost wholly a Democrat / liberal phenomena, cuz the party / activist platform there is always a bit at odds with electoral politics, ie, to left of popular thought.  So they lie, and justify that with a rationalization that it’s OK to lie to advance the egalitarian agenda cuz people will be better for it and like it once it is enacted… ya know, ends justifies the means, and noble lies are no biggie right, we’re not talking about putting the Kulaks in train cars…. Just saying, I’d also assert I think rightly that the noble lie is totally out of control here in the Obama era.

Anyway, to have effect a noble lie can’t stink of this falsity that Couric’s does here.  And what I mean is… gunny people have an answer for everything.  On their topic they are probably the most well-versed people in the country (in contrast, liberal gun control people have a way of being very low-info on the actual subject matter).  There isn’t a question that will stupefy the gunny people like the film pretends.


2 thoughts on “Conservative outrage du jour: Katie Couric’s lying anti-gun documentary

  1. pm1956

    Yes, you do have a noble lie fixation. Maybe you need to go back and watch some old Colbert Reports and check up on his “truthiness” sections.

    My point is that the same thing happens on the right all the time. Just watch Fox News, which is a right wing version of this–presenting propaganda and calling it news. And, of course, talk radio, where this stuff started.

    And, FWIW, Katie Couric long ago ceased being a reporter….if she ever was one.

    I think that there is a fairly accurate left wing critique of “journalism”, that argues that it presents the views of and serves the interests of those who own it (finance, corporations, rich individuals–see Pulitzer and yellow journalism, etc.). “Objective journalism” has been a goal of liberalism–never of either conservatism or left radicalism/marxism, etc, which are happy to blatantly engage in propaganda. Now, it is always debateable just how good a job liberalism has done in accomplishing objectivity, but they do a better job than the others, because they are actually trying. The others are not.


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