Why Koufax and Kershaw are so similar….

You got this celebration that Kershaw is equaling Koufax’ unparalleled success 2 generations ago right… and we’re all stat heads, so there is this great delight in comparing their stats, which are similar in ways ironic…….and also because they are both Dodgers. And their names are more than a bit similar in linguism….  And both left-handed, both 6 2ish, 6 3ish….

Start thinking about that morphology and go back and watch Koufax’ ’65 game 7 vs the Twins. To throw that 100mph fastball of his and get on top of the curveball like he did Koufax uniquely flexed his back I assert in excess of almost anyone who played in the pros, ever.  His raw stuff isn’t that unexplainable, he was doing something athletically no one else did (…Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson… also guys throwing the ball in ways no one else did…)

Kershaw … does exactly the same thing as Koufax’s singularly unique thing…. Kershaw’s back is a trebuchet, but I think no one has picked this out because he has a little bit of a hitch in his wind up.  Doesn’t matter, it’s the same ….

So you got a guy, Koufax, who had singular success with singularly unique pitcher morphology…. A certain height and raw strength and leverage and limberness.   And you got another guy, Kershaw, who has the same success 50 years later as a function of being blessed with identical pitcher morphology.

There’s a conclusion to be drawn from that.  Like, it’s not all random.   Or it is all random.  Pick one.  Or pick both.


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