Skeptic:  The ‘Ferguson’ effect increased crime

The narrative has been essentially that BLM protests in the last year have caused police to dial back their policing in some ways, which has say removed the brake on some amount of crime that is otherwise bottled up.  Today’s article is in Vox, but this has been largely a conservative indictment against the BLM protest movement.

I don’t buy it… it would seem sensible that the police could cut out some of their abusive practices that BLM complains about without diminishing their ability to do meaningful crime interdiction.  Ya know, like the cop in Chicago that shot Laquon McDonald…. Not being able to shoot Laquon and have the rest of the precinct squad there lie about it in conspiracy, that doesn’t actually prevent those guys from doing good neighborhood police work amirite.

It’s BS.  We get ten years down the road on this, if there was a murder spike here… and there very well might be… The cause will probably be properly identifiable as economics / demographics, as always.


2 thoughts on “Skeptic:  The ‘Ferguson’ effect increased crime

  1. pm1956

    Sorry for the somewhat belated response, but….

    Here is an interesting piece on the Ferguson Effect:

    I have actually been following the author for a while–writes from a left wing perspective (obviously), but very interesting. Has a lot of good ideas. Not all ones I agree with. One of her best looks at the importance of credentialism–used an example of a nonprofit that auctioned off an unpaid internship at the United Nations for $200,000.00 (or something like that). Point being that the rich purchase credentials for their children, which their children use to get the best/most prestigious jobs. Use this sort of thing (which a poorer person, or even middle class person, could never afford to do) to recreate existing class lines. Even unpaid internships that are not auctioned off to the highest bidders are a way to recreate existing class divisions–because most people need to work in order to be able to pay for college.


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