Lacrosse:  more than just a game for aspiring male hairdressers

That’s a joke… And this is curious…and maybe vestigial

I didn’t go to Hill-Murray…  I went to Stillwater, and HM was a regular suburban east opponent, always on the schedule for everything.  My father went to Hill-Murray, so I was inclined to think favorably of the school … go Pioneers… while my own Pony schoolmates generally did not…  Which is to note, there is this ambient loathing of Hill-Murray in many places.  HM is a private school, I suppose people don’t like it because its ‘rich kids’.  Yeah well that’s a bit of an inauthentic chip to have on your shoulder in a lot of places.  We ain’t slumming it in Stillwater, not now, not in the 80’s. And I don’t think ‘rich kids’ and ‘Catholic school’ goes together naturally, though HM certainly is expensive now.  I just instructed the boys that bigotry against Catholics was a thing that used to exist… not that I myself ever faced it in a meaningful way…. But you’d be exposed to some attitude now and then, specially if people assumed you were just another Swedish Lutheran. I experienced that.  Vaguely, this HM thing strikes me as a remnant of that.


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