Old-guy baseball diary: game 1

I cajoled the 12 year old into doing local athletic association baseball this year, he having skipped T-ball and underhand ball to this point.  I like baseball right, and having sons be good at it can be understood as kind of a traditional fatherly aspiration…. but big thing is he’s been more bookish than sporty, and sports does teach a lot of lessons… about conflict, about competition, about assertiveness.  And he oughta be exposed to that as a teenager.  Baseball we can try with him now rather than other sports, because that’s what I know, and it was on me to pitch about 10 rounds of BP to him per week to get him up to speed, such that he didn’t feel humiliated in front of the real 12 year old baseball players that have been doing it a few years.

It’s gone…. fine.  Quite peachy.  So we’re doing this a lot, and I thus got the bug, I wanted to play….so I wrote a couple people I knew and got rostered by one of the 35+ teams in my old league.

Played last night, first league game.  In dinkytown.

35+ ball is a little bit messy.  We lost this game 23-19.  Walk after walk after walk.  I didn’t get a walk or a hit in this paucity of pitching, went 0-4.

AB 1:  struck out looking.  Umpire I think was getting tired of calling balls, was expanding the strike zone by then already.  Called two strikes on me that were 6 inches outside.  In any event….

AB 2:  I realized I was a bit naked on the outside corner and could stand a lot closer to the plate given how slow everyone was throwing and not have that pitch be too far away to swing at given ump was gonna call it.  Hit a pretty robust fly ball to left here, high fly ball medium deep for an out.

AB 3:  5-3, groundout to short.

AB 4: 1-3, groundout to pitcher, weak AB, tentative swing:

In the field:  Played an inning of right field, and had 4 singles hit out there that I had to collect and get back to the infield in this one inning.  That’s irony for ya.  I looked awkward on each one though I didn’t mishandle anything terribly.  Looked incompetent but it didn’t give anyone any extra bases.  This thing ya know where you collect the ball with your glove hand as its bouncing to you and do the transfer and come up throwing…. Doing it right is dependent on a certain amount of flexibility in your lower back that I lack for at age 47.  I think I can improve here with some daily yoga / stretching.

Takeaway:  more stretching.  Don’t swing at first pitch next game, don’t take that tentative swing.


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