Maintaining the Sunday sales ban is an exercise in….

Conservatism! Amirite?  Ya know, maintenance of traditional values, norms, and ways of doing business…

Now, I do not abide the Sunday sales ban, cuz principles.  But I kind of dig the Sunday vibe at Casanova’s in Hudson, it being crowded there because of the Sunday ban.  And my family of east Minnesotans here have been making the Sunday drive across the river since the 50’s I think.  We don’t think ahead with the beer thing.

So it would be different without the Sunday sales ban, something would be lost eh.  But that’s not a reason to stand on.

Girl I knew well in high school is a newly minted DFL rep in a 1st ring western suburb, and she voted to sustain the ban.  A no vote from her is not compatible with how I thought she woulda saw the world., but she’s caucus whipped right.   It’s a hokey business, politics….

Other thing is… I do not understand the beverage lobby to be useful in supporting the other aims of the Democrat / progressive movement.  But the beverage lobby can really make the DFL dance.  It’s a hokey business, politics…. Teamsters had a bit to say about it too though.

So anyway, it’s the beverage lobby and the teamsters right, that’s the source of the recalcitrance, and the DFL provides the muscle….  Candid people can acknowledge this eh… (question mark?).  Well in the floor debate, you get people like Sen.  Joe Atkins opposing, and they’ll make their speech saying they oppose because, ya know, the added ‘societal costs of alcohol’ that would be incurred if we had Sunday sales.

Now I recognize the difference between political hyperbole and ‘lying’, with an understanding great latitude should be given to hyperbole, really, before you start calling people liars.  Atkins offering here is so horseshit, that it can not be considered anything but a lie.  It ought to be painful to be his constituent and understand that he’s trying play sincere and expects you to believe him as so.


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