Word Police: “Hedge Fund”

When I get organized around here, “word police” is going to be one of my recurring tags for discussing, ya know, words that the press misuses.   Anyway…

Substantial discussion of the future of the SPPP&D today.


Paper is at the mercy of its investor-owner right, they who are trying to make money on it.

They keep calling this owner, Alden Capital, a “hedge fund”, I think because it’s close in definition and because it’s basically a pejorative.

Yeah well, it may be close but I’m not sure it’s right.  I think of ‘hedge funds’ as things that do a lot of exchange trading, maybe employing a lot of contrarian market strategies.  Puts, calls, options, all that jazz.  It’s not obvious Alden is that, seems they are more a holding company with emphases on sum of parts liquidation gambits.  That’s different, I think, that’s ‘private equity’.  I don’t think they are synonymous.


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