Total system fail

Twins are losing today’s game big.

Phil Hughes was starting pitcher.  He’s got an ERA of merely 6.50 or so after today, but he’s pitched worse than that about 4 starts in a row, to the tune of about 1 run per inning, ie, a 9 era.

And the problem is probably deficient stuff (at this point in his career…).  He’s a righthander throwing 91 (used to throw harder).  No breaking ball to speak of, he’s one of the cut fastball guys that have plied the trade in recent years.

So the runs given up, they come from the deficient stuff right.  And there’s great potentiality Hughes won’t revert and get back the 3 mph lost on the fastball.  And if an SP gives up a run an inning continually, the team will win almost none of those games, understand this for the certitude therein.  But Hughes is healthy, and he’s owed $13.2M per season through 2019.  They may release him eventually, but it won’t be this season.  Which is to say he’ll keep pitching.

Which is to say, his spot in the rotation is good for about 30 defeats…. That’s a lot.

Between him and the other guys who are not MLB players, this team has a shot here to set the season loss record.


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