There’s something happening here

Hey I think this Trump thing is a bad idea.  And I think that because he’s a generally dubious character, and his presence imperils Republicanism and conservatism.

And I don’t think the original wisdom of that is actually disproven just because things turn out different.  We understand that people with proper caution and risk assessment have good judgment amirite.  Being ‘wrong’ here and there doesn’t change that.

But I don’t think it’s at all certitudinal Trump is going to lose and it grows less obvious by the day as the party regroups around his sensibilities, some of which are very centrist.

Heard him on the radio yesterday with Stephanopoulos, and he says essentially “I could see high end individual tax rates going up and business taxes going down, that’s the compromise that makes reform happen.’

Uh, he’s right, and a regular normal Republican couldn’t go this direction, and a regular Republican would lose with the tax-cuts for the rich plank the huge electoral problem that it always is. There, gone, neutralized.  He’s gonna get some crossover votes.

Then you got Hillary in WV having to awkwardly walk back the Democrats’ vow to kill the coal industry, and she continues to lose primaries to Bernie.  Not that she won’t be the nominee, but her slog has a different energy and she’s behind in the ‘unification game’.  Perilous is the word, there’s a great bit about this that is perilous.

Other couple things that don’t break in Hillary’s favor

Ya know, war on women….  I don’t think Ted Cruz would get to call out the Clintons for having an open marriage (for Bill), and make it stick.  The press kinda guards that territory such that a guy like Cruz can’t get on the low road and trod there without a mess that is unbecoming a traditional campaign.  The Donald?  I think we’re going there, and it’s going to be discrediting of the Clintons more than him.

Election is very much about immigration, and like it or not, most people don’t think the Democrat position of wide open borders for 3rd world poor people is sensible.  Europe is not electing center-left pols of similar stripe at the moment, we won’t here polls showing otherwise be damned.


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