I said that: Trump has a money problem

In that… he ain’t rich enough to self-fund and he doesn’t have a proper relationship with the contribution machines in this country and that he ain’t credible enough for the contribution mechanism to begin a relationship with him now.


Now, I expected this piece of wisdom to obviate his ability to win the nomination such as he has.  And it didn’t do that.

But if it comes to pass they all realize he can’t compete money wise… it’s a perfectly fine rationale for the party to step in and void his nomination victory… replace him with someone who can be properly funded (cough… Paul Ryan).

You can only hope.  There’s still a not insignificant chance a Trump candidacy doesn’t happen, for whatever reason.  It’s also far from remote that he ends up the president.


One thought on “I said that: Trump has a money problem

  1. pm1956

    Yeah, this is a real problem for him, but…he got around it in the primaries with plenty of free publicity. That was his strong suit–as an accomplished celebrity press whore, he knows how to grab attention, and he knows that all press is good press. He knows how to dominate a news cycle, without paid advertising. He has been doing so for a year now, although with somewhat mixed results (while lots of GOP leaning people love his antics, lots of other people who are not GOP leaning do not).

    Question is, will he be able to continue to dominate news cycles? I expect that he will continue to be the center of attention, but I expect that it will in many ways not be as positive of an experience as he has had so far. But I could be wrong on this.

    One thing that I do not think I will be wrong about is that there is no chance that someone/anyone besides Trump will be the GOP nominee (short of death or a felony committed by Trump). There are simply too many negatives to being the person who replaces Trump. That is why Cruz and Kasich both pulled out. If Ryan were to end up the nominee without Trump’s backing and agreement, Ryan would suffer the wrath of the Trump supporters within the party, and they are significant. Significant enough to ruin his future within the party. Any replacement for Trump would also lose to Hillary (if only because of the split that would be created within the GOP) this year. So Ryan and Kasich and Cruz are all young, and they are all writing 2016 off, and making plans to make Hillary a one term President (and they are all assuming that Trump will lose). So, frankly, they like the idea of Trump getting no GOP $$–they want those GOP $$ to got to senate races and house races, etc. They have written off the Presidency this time round.

    Which is why the folks at Red State are calling on McConnell to confirm Garland now.

    Short of Trump pulling off some kind of of miracle, GOP insiders are expecting Hillary to win, and they are planning for 2020. The only people who will be in Trumps corner are those who feel that they can make $$ off of his candidacy (Manafort, Hannity, O’Reilly and the rest of the Fox crew), and those who have nothing to lose (Palin, Carson, etc.). Everyone else is going to do their best to survive the shit storm.


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