Its Fiorina time

I said before, she’d be a compelling VP

And she is, but I don’t know that this pays off….  What I think does pay off typically is actually the common geographic fusion ticket, IE Reagan / Bush, Carter / Mondale …. Boy those are old examples though aren’t they…

Anyway, Cruz / Fiorina is not a geographic fusion ticket.  Fiorina made her bones in the primary by having a strident / assertive quality on some conservative hot buttons…. Muslims, abortion.  This was not all that tonal-ly dissimilar from Trump really, but it was a qualitatively superior articulation.

So this gambit is in some ways to do Trumpism, but better, IE in a credible way and make his unwashed hordes comfortable with a non-trump GOP ticket.

I dunno man…


2 thoughts on “Its Fiorina time

  1. pm1956

    I think that this smacks of desperation. Cruz needed to do something to change the media song and dance (which was that Trump had effectively won). If he doesn’t win big in Indiana, Cruz is toast. Indeed, he is probably toast already.

    1. pm1956

      What about the possibility of Rubio becoming Trump’s VP?

      would that make Rubio a sell out?

      Interesting piece from George Will today: do whatever it takes to keep Trump out of the White House, limit the damage down ticket, and focus on making Hillary a one term President.


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