Go about your business

Re Prince, I liked him as a dude.   I basically feel melancholy here of the type I did when Kirby Puckett died.

Ya music of my youth, that 84-87 period in high school.

Golly the man could impose his will on a guitar.  Ya know, to have tried guitar and failed, one thing is I never felt my hands were big enough or strong enough to travel the fretboard and compress strings with nimbleness.  And I don’t actually have small, weak hands.  So you look at these little, virtuoso guitarists….it has the appearance of being an odd phenomena to me (it ain’t really an odd phenomena…)

Anyway….get back to that Vox article yesterday on liberal smugness…  It exists, and everyone knows it exists, but it isn’t acknowledged often because smug liberals control the acknowledgement apparatus that is the broader, news and pop culture press.

I don’t bring that up to grind that particular axe.  It’s just useful to note this can be ratified as a real thing because instinctively we understand a certain comparable phenomenon on the right is a real thing, that being a kind of dickishness, that which we are forced to confront with more open eyes in the age of Trump.

Which brings me to Curt Schilling.  Guy bugs me now in maybe ten ways.  ESPN was within their rights to fire him and they were correct to do it.

A very big thing to me is…. Ya know, each spring in baseball fandom we get new faces to evaluate, usually younger guys trying to make a team.  Maybe good rookies, but also perhaps marginal 20 something pros who have already bounced around a bit.  Their stories will get told in the newspaper and almost invariably you’ll get a quote from the coaches saying how the potential for these guys on the club is good, because they know how to ‘go about their business’.

That’s not actually a fluff quote.  It’s something that trickles up from scout evaluations and gets tagged onto the identities of players as they exist in the brains of coaches and managers.  Its tribe speak, and it means ‘this guy attends to the necessities of his job as a pro baseball player like it’s an actual job, thus he exceeds a minimum qualification to be here’.

In the game, culturally I think marginal and elite talents alike with few exceptions learn to honor the primacy of this ‘go about your business’ rule.  Which is right and universal, because all it’s about is being a pro and practicing your craft with seriousness.

Schilling wasn’t practicing his craft with seriousness or professionalism.  Besides being a dick, he’s being distracted AND distracting.  Fire him.

And ya know, serious professional minds don’t pass around vulgar Facebook memes.  There’s that.

Besides what he was doing on TV, which paid fine, I’m not sure there’s much Schilling is qualified for besides giving $35/hr pitching lessons at the batting cage.  Dumbass.


2 thoughts on “Go about your business

  1. pm1956

    I liked the Vox article on liberal smugness, but….

    There is a major problem with the analysis. Yes, there is definitely a problem with liberal smugness. It is a thing, and it exists. And the author is right that the exodus of working class people from the Democrats made it worse. But the analysis is ahistoric, and that leads the author to make a huge analytic mistake–the smugness is a class function, and not a liberal function.

    In fact, there is plenty of conservative smugness as well–although conservatives are not capable of either irony or humor, so those particular aspects of liberal smugness have no conservative counterpart.

    In fact, conservative smugness is evident in the debate/reaction to Donald Trump. The conservative elites are echoing all the familiar liberal tropes in the complaints they are making about Trump voters: that Trump voters are rubes, don’t understand the importance of Israel, the importance of tax cuts and job creators, and simply do not know what is good for them, and that Trump is leading them on, etc.

    Seriously, all elites engage in smugness, and liberal elites are no different than conservative elites in that way. The only difference is that conservative elites are a little bit more honest about it–in that they think that rule by elites is the way that the world should work, whereas liberal elites supposedly believe in democracy.


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