Things I would have liked to have written about this week….

Mike Freeman’s baby splitting gambit re Jamal Clark….  Ya know one thing is, he’s kind of an old man by now.  I just looked up his Wikipedia, he’s 68.  An old white guy as well… an old, institutional white guy.  This being, it was kind of interesting and laudable that he saw the necessity to move the Clark inquiry from the grand jury to the CA’s office…IE it speaks to the appreciation for a certain contemporary insight… but then he declined to charge.  Which is somewhat obvious in being the correct decision as a matter of law, but [my subjective opinion is] he was a bit too commending of the police in doing so.  Some homage needed to be paid to how sketchy the Clark / police interaction was.  If you’re the CA and you don’t do that, don’t do what you can do, as a function of this review,  you’re still enabling police abuse.

Pres. Obama’s / Kerry’s impending Hiroshima apology – would be wrong.  If it’s to say arguable that the President is not guilty of the ‘anti-Americanism’ his haters charge him with…. a Hiroshima apology would go well toward tipping the argument.  Golly, what a remnant of campus radical chic the whole Hiroshima apology thing is.

His biggest FP mistake was not was not planning for the Libya aftermath, says Pres. Obama

I’m surprised he answered this question with this forthrightness, that’s not usually what ‘they’ do.… and it legitimizes a critique of Hillary.  Other thing is, as a mistake it’s a biggie, and thus discrediting of superior O Administration smartness.  Ya figure one of or the primary tenet of “don’t do stupid stuff’ foreign policy is don’t do regime change without post planning.  That was the observation they made of Iraq, and yet they made that mistake in Libya.

Obama on Hillary’s server, “there’s classified, and then there’s “classified”” amirite.  First, I’m a big boy, and I know she won’t get charged, this for something underlings get charged for.  So I don’t obsess.  But what ought to be acknowledgeable is this is Democrats exempting themselves from rules and using what they see as their superior moral mission to justify it.  Also, I have been at various points bemused at the faux obtuse refusal of people (Kevin Drum) to put their finger on what Hillary was up to here.  It was 1) The (absurd) accommodation made so she could use her Blackberry and 2) the bigger thing, she was subverting FOIA so that she could farm out research and insight jobs to her paid staff of permanent sycophants at the Clinton Foundation, ie, Sidney Blumenthal.  I am prepared to acknowledge this is not terribly malevolent stuff.  It’s not treason or ‘corruption’.  But it’s unethical and it makes for a criminal case as good as many, such that it violates the laws that govern these ‘things we do together’ eh.  Qualitatively ya figure it’s about on par with that thing with Petraeus and his girlfriend that he got charged for.  Quantitatively, there’s way more material here that they passed around unsecure. It ought to be acknowledgeable that she could be charged for this and it wouldn’t be an unreasonable case, that normally this would be something they’d charge for, etc.  That she’s not getting charged because Obama’s DOJ is protecting her.

Scandal free administration – New Balance was to be bought off from criticizing TPP with a DOD shoe contract

On Cruz generally – I could go on a riff… I have my doubts he’s as obnoxious as some people like to say.  As a young man, he was a college Republican and debater at Princeton… a combination with a robust trope already made, you’d say.  Well he’s what, 45 now… fair to assume he’s a nicer, better man these days.

Vinland – I really like the historical footnote of Viking settlement (or mere encampment) of North America in 1000 AD.  I was made aware this week there’s a pretty good chance ‘they’ spotted another settlement on the Gulf of St. Lawrence facing side of Newfoundland.  I pulled up the Nova show or whatever that this is revealed in on PBS….  You get about 5 minutes of contemporary scientists discussing this new discoveries for every 20 minutes of canned B roll that regales how violent the Vikings were.  Its crap.

I ‘d have more to say on Transgenders but nothing profound.  With Springsteen canceling a show as a political protest….  Ya know, fine and dandy, but I don’t think he would cancel if the business repercussions IE reservations, deposits, refunds were very great…. And thus I’m surprised I’d say that the business repercussions for canceling don’t seem to be very great.


One thought on “Things I would have liked to have written about this week….

  1. pm1956

    1. Freeman. I think he did the right thing not to use a grand jury, and his decision not to prosecute was probably legally correct. I think that he really is a law and order kind of guy, and decided that he will simply take the heat for this one. After all, this is the pinnacle of his career, and he is approaching the end, so why not take one for the team?

    2. Libya. This was the biggest foreign policy mistake he made, and I like the refreshing honesty Obama displays saying this. I stil lthink that he will be seen as a great president, and his honesty will help him here. Do you think that Bush II will ever own up to the mistakes he made in Iraq? Certainly Cheney won’t.

    3. Hillary and the e-mails. She was stupid to do this (set up her own server, etc.). But is is hard to fault her on the national security and classified stuff. Much of that was subsequently declared to be classified (Rice and Powell got caught that way, too), and even if classified, there is still probably not threat to national security. Much of what is classified should not be classified. But she was stupid to do it in the first place. And Blumenthal is a classic sycophant. She should know better.


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