90’s Boom revisited

As it might reflect on the Clinton’s.


I’m prepared at this point to give Clinton / Rubin / Greenspan credit for a great prudence (I would argue they had no expectation they were going to really balance the budget… who seriously expects that, and it was not a Democrat goal…).

Other thing though, is the 90’s boom was demographics…. all those boomers in their 40’s at the time.  That and Win95 + Netscape.  See there though, how old was Bill Gates in 1995… he was 40. He doesn’t do that now.  Now he’s like a wise elder, he doesn’t engineer.

There was an abundance of prime of life dynamism going on due to the predominant age demographic.  It’s not like all those boomers wanted to live poorly.  It was their rising tide that carried the rest of us, I had my first adult jobs in those years…


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