I don’t get this thing with the bathrooms and the transgenders

  1. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that the restriction of bathrooms to people of biological sex be maintained for the sake of those people who use them, specifically…. women, the fairer sex amirite. It’s not just that it’s always been this way…. You’re talking deep, old norms for modesty and properness, norms that give people / society security, comfort, structure.  I think it’s far from obvious this needs to be usurped / jettisoned for the ‘rights’ of a very tiny minority that is not actually denied use of public restrooms.  Or that this is properly usurped / jettisoned for sake of a greater post-modern, egalitarian morality / justice.  Not being a wiseass there on that last one, I think its a serious question.
  2. I grant that it ought to be something people ought to be able to get over.  But, see pt. 1.
  3. Yeah, when these bathroom laws get passed it does strike one as a very reactionary, white protestant identity thing. This stuff isn’t flattering to them.
  4. For the SJ / progressive movement…. It’s not gay marriage, I don’t know what they get by winning this, they’d do as well not winning it.  Unless it’s just to say you want to win anything you can and push boundaries and blow up norms.
  5. Transgenders are like the new magic negro. If not magic there’s an inherent ‘nobility’ being conferred, which I recoil at a little because it’s bad trope.  Just saying, cuz my #1 rule is people are people.

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