Peterson, Silver, now Dionne say – Trump is done

A week ago during the day I got a text from my wife urging me to tune into MPR, because they were broadcasting a Dionne speech done recently from the brainiac Presbyterian church over there in Mpls where they get big time speakers.

At that point in his speech Dionne was extolling the virtues of Eisenhower Republicanism, and the salience to us was…  in the car just a few days before the kids asked about the highway, and I went on a riff about the temperamental superiority of a guy like Eisenhower, who is regarded as having built the interstates….

So my wife, a liberal, with the MPR there was pretty impressed that my senses were aligned with Dionne’s and is always comforted on these occasions when she is assured I am not a right wing crank (at least not ideologically)…


This is becoming apparent, Trump is not going to be the R nominee, cuz there’s a matter of institutional seriousness at stake here, and serious institutional people will prevent it with the understanding that a Hillary victory over anyone else is preferable rather than Trump as candidate (who will also lose), just for the sake of the R institution and its credibility…

So there’s that, the assumption that the Rs lose with someone else in the wake of the damage Trump has done… but Dionne has his finger on another thing that the Overton window is open for…. That Trump absurds himself so fast that we get kinda a regular race once its Hillary v Cruz or whoever.  And that the Republican candidate has a shot of winning at that point, because Hillary is not the ‘lesser of two evils’ at that point, its a meaningful voter choice.

Could happen, not out of the question.


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