Trump is not a man with a pedestrian, 125 IQ

By the way, ‘pedestrian 125 IQ’ is just my idiom for kinda un-exotic smartie-smart people in any crowd, say 85th – 95th percentile types.  I don’t know that I’m pegging the right IQ number… I’m not sure psychology has found the superiority of a numerical range where 125 is the brain I speak of…but you get my drift… Figure a decent elective office candidate is minimally one of these people, you kinda have to be just to be victorious over your intraparty competition.  Ya know we say politicians are dumb but the process is a bit assortative in finding smart people because it’s competitive and prestigious.

So we’re talking smart people.  Trump is minimally smart enough to be what he actually is, but he isn’t as smart as a smart person.

See this thing that Trump is attempting, using a certain type of celebrity-ness and wealth to do a takeover of the Republican Party and become the President…. it’s doable, (particular with what we understand about GOP voters now…).  But to do it requires mastery for say an additional set of norms and communications, particularly for the say tribal ideology.  That should be no problem for a generically smart 85th percenter attempting this Trump gambit, it would be so easy.  They could do it, could upend the process with some populist bombast while not straying too far from ideological norms or worse, getting lost in know nothing land.

Trump is not one of these people, he doesn’t have the brainpower to master what it would take to complete the thing he’s trying here.


One thought on “Trump is not a man with a pedestrian, 125 IQ

  1. pm1956

    I don’t think the limiting thing about Trump is his brainpower, I think that it is his ego, his temperament. To be a good politician takes more than just being smart–it is more a case of knowing what you do know, and what you do not know, and finding (and listening to and trusting and following their suggestions)people who know what you don’t know. Those are really issues of judgement, not knowledge. Trump has poor judgement. He has poor impulse control. His ego gets in the way, and doesn’t allow him to take advice.

    He does have an instinctive feel for what is currently appealing to a large group of GOP supporters/voters. This is the same quality that made him successful on reality TV. There is clearly a large group of people who find Trump viscerally appealing.


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