Despite this ostensibly being provocative, it won’t be a thing

Cell phone shaped gun.

This won’t sell.  It’s a curiosity piece absent of practical self-defense utility.

The premise is there’s some value in it being mistakable for a cell phone in plain sight amirite….  And we lack for a pistol that does that.

I don’t see that appeal, not with this thing’s deficiencies as a weapon.  IE, it’s a two shot piece, it doesn’t have sights, basically does not have a proper grip…

A derringer is that already, but superior in its form factor deficiencies… is two shot also, but has a proper grip, you don’t have to un-collapse it to shoot….  Now right, a derringer is not mistakable for a cell phone in plain sight.  I question the validity of that as a functional req rather than just say fitting into a jacket pocket pretty well.  Which a derringer does.

Big thing is, no one who really has to maintain a consciousness over their self-defense in public selects a derringer as their weapon.  They select a real handgun, and use their wardrobe to disguise it.

Side note:  a market oddity right now is that the prevailing retail price of a 5 shot Ruger LCP .380 is about $200.  Ruger makes good products, and the LCP is hardly bigger than a deck of cards.

You’re going to lose money on this, aspiring gun maker guy.


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