“Real Marxism hasn’t been tried yet” is still a lefty chestnut

Not only “still”, but it seems reinvigorated, and that bugs Chait.


Which is good, I’m in agreement.  I’ll note there’s not only ‘real Marxism hasn’t been tried” which exists as bad wisdom among those simpatico.  My kids are old enough to glom onto some folk-trope political science that exudates in public schools (probably through the teachers) and I’ve been hearing “Marxism works in theory” a lot again.  I correct my kids when I hear this, cuz no, something that doesn’t work in reality can’t ‘work in theory’.  There is no ‘work in theory’, there’s just ‘theory’, as a matter of knowledge’s scholarly pursuit amirite.   So what you’re doing there is expressing admiration for Marxist ideals, and proper way that’s done is to say the ‘theoretical goals are appealing”.  But I go on then to question the value of feeling that very appeal, what with Marxist egalitarianism being a fairy tale.

Anyway, when Chait isn’t being an obsequious sycophant to the Obama administration, this is his other thing, critiquing the far left and articulating the merits of kinda an “old Democrat Chamber of Commerce / civics class liberalism” over the modern prog / SJ / Marxist movement.  And the critique is say that classical Democrat views on the prosperity, equity, and freedom are pretty sensible and that prog / SJ / Marxist views on same are abhorrent.

I agree.  As wisdom I like  “old Democrat Chamber of Commerce / civics class liberalism” and I hate Marxism.

I don’t think Chait has made it all the way there though in observing the Left’s illiberalism.  With that, he’d do well then to acknowledge how illiberalism has infected the center-left, IE “mainstream” Democrats.

To wit:

*** I look at “democracy” as properly defined by having electoral governance where people vote as much as is practical say.  That’s the Fing definition, expressed in a simple way without looking it up.  The Left has a post-modern, Marxist definition of this word where if you say have among the voters some like-minded people come together to fund issue ads to do some voter persuading… the Left thinks that’s not democracy, IE, its un-democratic and anti-democratic because some people could do that and other people couldn’t cuz money and inequality.  I think that’s crap, but it’s becoming the common use definition of democracy on the center-left too.

*** When Chait observes that the Left has devised a speech code to determine when say speech should be free and when not depending on how comfortable or afflicted the speaker or target is…  that’s the establishment of a double standard.  And it’s not really just speech, its everything, and it embraces the OK-ness of denying / delivering justice or freedom based on Marxist class hierarchy and with pursuit of Marxist egalitarianism as ends / means justification.  Which is, ya know, the ultimate get out of jail free card that we already know and love, the “not morally equivalent card” that excuses for Democrats things for which conservatives are castigated.  I’ll give you one that’s timely:  FOIA and transparency.  Ya know, 13 years ago we had the year of the whistleblower in the wake of some 9/11 incompetencies, and what was implicit in the tone of the news reporting and political hyperbole at the time was that a Democrat administration wouldn’t abuse the people that are cogs in the machine that way cuz say their superior sense of fairness and justice…. Not.  This administration is abysmal, and no doubt they feel justified in doing it cuz, ya know, they are the good guys pursuing egalitarianism… IE they’re not the Koch brothers for crissakes amirite?

***That Brazil speech the other day where Pres. Obama couldn’t bring himself to make a stronger case for freedom among “what works” between capitalism and authoritarianism…. That was something, and I don’t think we’re asking for much there, but apparently they’ll be no case made for freedom, not even lip service.  Like I have said, the man has a rather pedestrian 125 or so IQ, one as susceptible to fallacy as any other.


One thought on ““Real Marxism hasn’t been tried yet” is still a lefty chestnut

  1. pm1956

    Chait, Klein and Yglesias are all classical liberals. None of them are Marxists, and never have been. So is Obama. All are really pretty middle of the road. What has changed in our country is the GOP, which has gone off the deep end into visceral, unthinking and unreflective Obama hatred/paranoia. Hopefully, someday you and the rest of them will wake up and realize this (something similar to the way many Republicans have come around on Bill Clinton).

    Your definition of democracy is lacking. Yes, people should vote on and decide matters as much as is practical and reasonable. But there are many undemocratic ways to influence this–money, advertising, lobbying, voter suppression, etc. All of those things are perfectly capable of undermining the idea of one person one vote, which is critical to democracy (remember “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”?).


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