Call the bottom

As a despairing GOPer, I haven’t had much reason for certitude lately, but…. now some things are actually firming up.  Doesn’t mean Hillary won’t be President, course…

Anyway, we’re at peak Trump, now, or were a week ago. It doesn’t get any better for him, now he weakens.

Ted Cruz is the R nominee… 1st or 2nd or 3rd ballot, he’s the guy.

It would seem at this moment there’d be nice advantageous betting market odds on that.


2 thoughts on “Call the bottom

  1. pm1956

    As a gloating Democrat, I hope you are right. This Trump spectacle is just disgusting, and getting worse. It has gotten so bad that I really do not want to see him as the GOP nominee–and certainly not because I like Ted Cruz! i just think that having him as an official nominee of a major party would give him credibility that he simply does not deserve. Of course, it would reflect terribly on the GOP, but I think that it would hurt the entire country as well.

    I hope that he weakens. This stuff recently with his campaign manager is simply unbelievable!


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