Ironically and unexpectedly: SCOTUS’ liberal bloc makes peace with Heller

Big Fing deal as Joe Biden would say:Ironically and unexpectedly:

“They reasoned that their own landmark decisions in District of Columbia v. Heller andMcDonald v. Chicago were meant to protect even firearms “that were not in existence at the time of the founding.” However, they stopped short of a blanket endorsement of stun guns.”

4 things:

  1. Suggests a 2A protection of personal ‘arms’ that is pretty broad and extends beyond firearms
  2. Suggests that arms don’t have to be understood in terms of militia or military use to be 2A protected
  3. If you’re one of those people that like to say ‘ they were talking about muskets back then….”, that’s a dead argument, not that it wasn’t before
  4. Suggests there may not be much danger to Heller from a Garland nomination…

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