This session’s gun bill: universal background checks

There’s other news org links around, but this is the text

Pretty narrowly tailored to focus on getting the Armslist people to appear at an FFL to do their transfer and get an Instacheck.  Exemptions for: intra-family transfers, collector transfers, all other mundane things you’d think of.  No state record keeping regime.

I’d acknowledge, this maybe ought not be instinctively objectionable.  And ya know, it probably would be ‘effective’ such that Armslist people do start appearing at FFLs to do their transfers just cuz we generally have a culture of law abidance (though it’s going to be pretty safe to ignore the transfer requirement and get away with it…).  And utilization will mean effectiveness with a few skeezy characters dissuaded then from taking the Armslist acquisition route…

But it won’t be perfectly effective and when it’s not the gun control people will tell us it wasn’t enough.  You’re just rightfully cautious of conceding statutory terrain such that it becomes the new 50 yard line, slippery slope, camel’s nose…

Camel’s nose idiom….  Is the camel outside trying to get in or inside trying to get out when we talk about that?


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